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What is the Visibility Index?

The SISTRIX Visibility Index measures the success of a domain on Google. As the inventor of the Visibility Index we have evaluated this KPI, based on 100 million data, points since 2008. It is considered the gold standard for measuring SEO success and is quoted by respected media and journalists.

How can I improve the Visibility Index?

The Visibility Index combines the number of keywords for which your page is ranking with the search volume on these keywords and the click rate of the ranking position. In order to achieve a higher Visibility Index, you can work on these three points: Create new content to rank with additional keywords, improve your existing rankings or rank for keywords with higher search volume.

How can I see the historical activity?

We have been collecting the Visibility Index for millions of domains for over 10 years and have Visibility Index data for many countries, for both mobile and desktop results. You can see the complete visibility history of all domains in the SISTRIX Toolbox. If you don't have an account yet, try us for 14 days completely free of charge and without obligation.


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